About Us

My Grandfather, Eldon Lowder created the Ultimate Deluxe Home Colonic Board at the request of 4 doctors (one of which became ill after picking up something from a colonic irrigation in a therapists office.) They discussed a need for a colon cleansing unit that would allow the user to cleanse the colon in a simple, safe, yet effective way, in the privacy of their own home. So the Ultimate Home colonic board was created.

Dr. Bernard Jensen and his wife were good friends with my grandparents and used our board in their own home. Dr Jensen recommended that we change the boards color to blue, because of the soothing effect the color has. My grandfather, respecting the Dr.'s advice had our unit changed to the blue that it is today.
I have been selling these boards since 1992.  I am happy to answer any questions you may have, so please do not hesitate to ask. 


We stand behind our product and have for many years. We have a money back guarantee* on the board itself during the first 30 days, if you are unhappy for any reason. Also, we have a lifetime guarantee that if the board should it break during normal usage we would replace it free of charge. You will not find any other company that even comes close to backing the quality of the unit they sell with the guarantees that we offer.


*The money back guarantee is for the board only, less the cost of shipping to customer.  Pail tubing and tips are non refundable. Customer is responsible for shipping the board back to us.