Ultimate Trends Deluxe Home Colonic/Colema Board product information

The Ultimate Trends Deluxe home unit is:
  • Made from a High Impact Plastic 
  • Hypo Allergenic 
  • No cracks or seams. 
  • Easy to sterilize. 
  • Very strong. Will not delaminate, split or weather. 
  • Catch Basin is a rounded sloping area downward into toilet. 
  • Fecal matter glances away from you into the toilet.
  • The edges of the board are raised. All unwanted liquid is guided into the toilet.
  • Weighs only 13 pounds 
  • Tubing is surgical grade Will not mildew. Bacteria cannot hide. No deep pores, does not need priming.
  • Water runs with a flick of your finger, no siphoning required.
  • Proctel(tip)is flexible with holes on the side only. Much safer and more comfortable than stiff hard tips that could preforate the Colon wall. 
  • Twenty-one 5/8 inches wide by forty-two inches long 
  • Wide enough to totally relax on, you do not have to hold arms across your chest to keep from falling. Wide enough to lay on your side or back for comfortable massage, reading, relaxing, etc. With lid and seat up you are able to turn the board 90 degrees.

Is this a Colema board?

We are often asked if this is a Colema Board. No it is not, this is the original patented blue deluxe board by Ultimate Trends.

Once people hear this they ask what the differences between Colema Boards of California and our units are.

To begin with the actual term for these units is colenema or home enema board kit. "Colema Board" is a registered trademark of Colema Boards of California.

As far as the differences in functionality, the Colema Board does not inlclude a solution container, you have to find your own. The Ultimate Trends unit includes the five gallon solution container fully plumbed with the tubing.

With the Colema Board, you will have to sink the tubing in to the top of the container you find and syphon to begin the flow of solution. With our fully plumbed container all you do is flick a clamp and the flow begins.

The Ultimate Trends unit is wider than the Colema to allow for laying with your arms more comfortably by your sides.

The MOST important difference is that Colema sells a stainless steel tip. Ultimate Trends has never sold a stainless steel or stiff hard tip. We know that most of the people using these units are not necessarily trained in the turns that the colon takes and might risk injury by poking around in there with a hard tip. Therefore we only sell the Ultimate Trends FLEXIBLE tip

Colema says "Own the 'original' in reference to their product. "Original" would only apply to their laminated wood board that they no longer sell . The unit that they currently sell and refer to as ‘original’ is a deluxe one piece blue unit that was patented 8 years after ours was. They cited our unit as a reference in their patent application

My grandfather created the Ultimate Trends Deluxe Home Colonic/Colema/Enema board and had it patented. It is the original deluxe blue board. Before our patent expired other companies started marketing their own versions of our Deluxe Board. Along with making a look-alike of our deluxe board, false claims are made that these other boards are the original and the best and to be wary of look-alikes.