Which home colonic board is best?

I have worked with the home colon cleansing boards for 15 years. I have spoken with all different board type owners. Being that there are several on the market, how do you know which one to buy.

Lets start by eliminating any that may need to be replaced at your cost due to material failure. This would be any of the units that are particle board with lamination. I have been told over and over again that with this board it is common to have the lamination crack and the particle board underneath absorbs dirty water making the whole board smell bad.

That leaves us with the more deluxe one piece molded high grade plastic boards. The first one of these patented (February 24, 1987 US patent #4,645,497) and on the market was the Ultimate Trends board(on this web site). Seven years later Colema of California introduced and patented (April 19, 1994 US patent number D346,216) their version of a deluxe board. In my opinion these are the top two on the market. Both are lifetime boards.

Let me point out that "Colema Boards" is a trademark name owned by Colema of California. The boards made for home use are actually called Colenemas. Colema's laminated particle board was the original colenema board on the market. They no longer produce these boards, but they can often be purchased second hand. Colema of California warns "Be aware that there are other Colema "look-alike" Boards, but there is only one Colema Board® - the original and still the best!" Please be advised that it is my opinion that in the above statement "original" must pertain to Colema's original laminated boards, as their deluxe blue model was available and patented 7 years after Ultimate's was patented, so could not be the original in this catagory. Sorry I just get a little detail oriented when it comes to product claims.


Ultimate's board is 40 x 22 x 12 and weighs 13lbs.

Colema's board is 44 x 18 3/4 and weighs 20lbs. Also has a handle. 


Ultimate's package includes the board, a plumbed 5 gallon solution container, tubing, 3 tips and easy to follow detailed instructions.

Colema's package includes the board, tubing, 2 tips, syringe to start the flow, comfort pad and instructional video.

Ultimate's comes ready to use. Included is a 5 gallon solution container that is is plumbed at the bottom. They plumb it so that the tubing hooks directly to the container and there is no need to siphon to begin the flow of solution. Just flick a clamp and the flow begins.

Colema's does not come ready to use. You will need to go out and find a solution container. You can do this while waiting for delivery of your package. Once you find it you will be instructed to sink the tubing into the solution in your container. (there is a weight at one end). Then you will need to use the included syringe to siphon the flow of solution and your ready to go.

Colema's includes a comfort pad which is a good idea if you have back problems or pain.

A comfort pad can be purchase separately from Ultimate for use with their board.

You will find that both boards warm to your body during usage and are quite comfortable without the pad.

Both units are very easy to use. Just looking at the diagram is about enough for the average user to understand how to use. Colemas includes a instructional video, which is great if you tend to not be the best with written instructions. I have recently discovered that you can find free instructional videos on U-tube for these home units.


At 22 inches, Ultimates is wider allowing for you to lay more comfortably with arms by your side rather then across your chest.

Both are long enough to be used with any height person. Both can be turned any angle around the toilet. Make sure and measure your bathroom for fit. Hold your tape measure against the underneath side of the toilet seat, after lifting it up, and measure outward. Ultimate's needs 40 inches, Colema's needs 44 inches. This length, plus however thick the back of the chair that you will be using to support the one end of the board, is the length you will need to fit into your bathroom.

Both are about the same when it comes to clean up. Fairly quick and simple.


Ultimate offers a 30 day money back guarantee on the board itself, wether used or not, if you are unhappy for any reason. They also offer a lifetime free of charge replacement guarantee if the board should ever break during normal usage.

Colema will not refund on any used item. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee on any of their products as long as they are unopened. You must obtain a return authorization number from Colema before returning. They also offer a lifetime free of charge replacement guarantee if the board should ever break during normal usage. (Please verify guarantees with ebay sellers as I cannot see where guarantees are mentioned)

Replacement Parts

Replacement tips:

$3.00 for Ultimate's tip.

$4.50 for Colemas tip. Colema also offers their stainless steel tips at $86.00.

Replacement tubing: tubing assembly and two tips

$22.50 for Ultimate's tubeset, additional $4.95 for shipping.

$44.95 for Colema's tubeset, includes shipping and syringe needed for syphoning.

*Word of advice: Some Colema Boards may include a stainless steel tip. Or you can pick them up separately. These may be great because they should last a lifetime. The problem I see with them is that most of the persons purchasing and using these boards are not necessarily trained in the curves the colon takes. Inserting something as hard as steel, that will not give if it should hit the colon wall, seems rather risky to me. Both units include disposable tips. Ultimates are flexible and would bend should they hit the colon wall. I know this because the Ultimate is the unit that I personally own. I honestly cannot say if Colemas are flexible or not. Their product information says disposable tips, but does not indicate if they are flexible. This would be something you would want to ask.

There you have it. I personally own the Ultimate Trends Unit, but have tried not to be too bias. I love my board and am sure that which ever unit you choose you will find it of great use.