Ultimate Trends Board

$ 240.00

Please note that we are back ordered and won't have new product until February 19.  All orders place will be shipped then.

Includes: board, tubing and 2 tips and detailed easy to follow instructions. Instructions will be sent via email and will include bonus links.

USPS Parcel Select ncluded for free. The Ultimate Trends board was the first deluxe one piece molded cleansing board on the market. Dr. Bernard Jensen, renowned Dr. and author of "Tissue Cleansing Through Bowell Management" chose to use our board in his home the last several years of his life. 


  • It is made from a High Impact Plastic 
  • Hypo Allergenic 
  • No cracks or seams  
  • Easy to sterilize 
  • Very strong 
  • Will not de-laminate, split or weather 
  • Catch Basin is a rounded sloping area gradually turning downward into toilet
  • Fecal matter glances away from you into the toilet 
  • The edges of the board are raised - All unwanted liquid is guided into the toilet 
  • Easy to sterilize and rinse 
  • Weighs only 13 pounds 
  • Tubing is surgical grade, will not mildew or allow bacteria to hide, No deep pores
  • Tip is flexible with holes on the side only 
  • Much safer and more comfortable than stiff hard tips that could perforate the Colon wall 
  • The board measures 21 5/8 inches wide by 42 inches long 
  • Wide enough to totally relax on, you do not have to hold arms across your chest to keep them from falling 
  • Wide enough to lay on your side or back for comfortable massage, reading, relaxing, etc. 
  • With lid and seat up you are able to turn the board 90 degrees around the toilet to enable fit in to even very small bathrooms